In an ordinary world, we seek out the extraordinary

Firm Foundation Management Worldwide is a diverse and talented team of artists, strategists, planners, and consultants. We are united by a singular passion for seeking out and seizing the extraordinary that lies beyond the routine and the accustomed. This holds true whether we are capturing breathtaking moments on camera, realizing memorable event experiences or connecting some of the leading brands in the world with exceptional talent. Come explore the unique and outstanding ways in which we pursue and celebrate the extraordinary in the world.

Marketing and Management Consultancy

In today’s hyper-competitive market, strategic business solutions are critical to maintaining an enterprise’s track record of excellence. FFMW’s Marketing and Management Consultancy services help international businesses achieve extraordinary success by unlocking their strategic value and growth potential.

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Cinematography & Photography

At FFMW Cinematography & Photography, we understand that truly extraordinary, beautiful and personal moments are rare. Which is why we approach each moment with a deeply artistic vision and nimble, seasoned hands to capture them at their most evocative and memorable.

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Event Management

An event, an experience, or an engagement of minds and individuals is made extraordinary both by its parts and its whole. At FFMW, we take a unique macro-micro outlook to all our event solutions, providing a comprehensive list of end-to-end services, while remaining steadfast in our attention to detail.

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Executive Search & Consultancy

Firm Foundation Management Worldwide Executive Search & Consulting is one of our primary areas of service. We help our clients in the Middle East and other regions identify and acquire extraordinary talent using a uniquely holistic and comprehensive approach to executive talent management.

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